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The Official 2013 IRS Tax Refund App; IRS2GO

28 Jan

There is an app for that….checking the status of your 2013 tax return.  Yes I said it you can check the status of your already filed tax return simply from downloading the app on your portable device.  Those of you who file electronically…read more

FREE Medical Apps for Apple and Android OS’s

22 Jan

Portable devices assist us in almost every aspect of our daily lives.  Health care students and professionals have many resources,  and now everyone has access!  Check out the top 4 health care apps….read more

Apps to Use on a Job Site

11 Jan

Never be stuck in a dark situation again.   Anyone working out in the field can use a flashlight, especially one that does not need batteries.  Utilizing a tool you already own, your cell phone!….read more


9 Jan

To stay competitive in a tight market, today’s construction companies tools that allow access to information on onsite, obtain and maintain new work orders and under budget.  This brochure presents examples of products and solutions designed specifically to address challenges faced by the construction industry, and which help you to improvemobile resource management, monitor and manage field assets and set up mobile job sites quickly and efficiently.  All on a reliable wireless network, and guidance from The Smart Phone Teacher…read more

  • Enable yourself to close business deals on the spot with remote access to resources, thus maximizing your selling opportunities.
  • Give employees a wireless device to let them access data and business applications, and receive updates via email.
  • Establish quick communications for immediate results.  Eliminating mis- communication, and mis-calculations.
  • Enhanced service through smartphones and tablets give employees access to  data through the Internet, and applications specific to your industry.
  • Optimize itineraries based on the data collected through job status updates, or delays, travel time and product availability.

For additional information…click here

Evernote Skitch for Android Updates Software 2.0 and Up

5 Jan

Evernote Skitch Communicate visually with Skitch.

Skitch is a free app that allows you communicate visually with friends, co-workers, and family. Use Skitch to sketch something new, mark up maps, screen captures, or even a photo. Then save or share your Skitch annotation to help others see and understand your ideas.

Evernote Skitch  Evernote Skitch   Evernote Skitch

The Pen Tool is now more responsive and has fewer hiccups, so users should notice smoother strokes. Evernote claims that the Wet Ink setting should group strokes “much more quickly” under the new set-up. Skitch has also changed the Move/Pan tool to return to the previous function once a selection is deleted, deselected, or swiped away.

Evernote Skitch              Evernote Skitch

The complete list of new features includes:

Available for Android devices running 2.0 and up.

– Updates to content scaling make annotations fit more closely with your images
– Hold & Lock feature allows you to lock the current tool
– Easier access to settings with a new icon on the home view
– Intelligent tool tips
– Improved Move tool usability
– Numerous other improvements make the app smoother to use and more stable
– If you are an existing user, you can adjust the behavior of your tools in the app Settings


iPad and iPhone (version 3.11)

-Paragraph Text allows you to double tap to reveal the sliders on either side of your text box, then drag them to fit the space you need.

Download Skitch for Andorid

Download Skitch for Apple in iTunes

Download Skitch for Windows 8

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