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18 Carriers Committed To Make Phones for Mozilla Firefox OS

25 Feb

Firefox OS The Smart Phone line up is about to be shaken up in the upcoming year, a list of seven have committed to make smartphones for Mozilla.   The 18 carriers have now committed to its Open Web HTML5 device push, Telefonica — whose ZTE lineup is expected to arrive in Poland this Summer and additional manufactures in the US by 2014. The Firefox OS will have access to one time use apps., universal search, and all run on a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. The HTML5-based framework of Firefox OS, built on open Web standards, will mean that every aspect of the device is open. Thus giving carriers the chance to customize and localize those interfaces and services — including apps, including the Firefox Marketplace — as they choose.  A level of flexibility they cannot have with iOS or with Android providing a never seen before mobile experience.

The launch of the Firefox Marketplace app store will provide popular apps such as twitter, Disney Mobile Games, Facebook, EA Games, and  Cut the Rope with the new HTML5-based web apps will be stored on phones, so they’ll work offline.  Firefox’s store won’t be the only way to buy apps third parties and application providers will also be able to sell apps themselves if they choose.  Firefox will build on its own reputation for quick security updates, which carriers will push through promptly, reps said  “I expect many marketplaces to flourish, some run by network operators, and developers can distribute their apps directly to users,” said Mozilla CEO Gary Kovacs said.

The current options of OS’s are about to compete with a new player Firefox OS, running on web based HTML5.  These low cost devices will be attractive to many who have yet made the switch into a smart phone.  Smart Phone users want reliable, fast and up to date.  Mozilla’s idea is to bring the entire package to the user and carrier by summer 2013.

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