FaceBook VoIP/ video call on Smart Phone and Tablets

19 Apr

Who has yet not tried or seen a face to face connection (call) via a computer screen, smart phone, or tablet of some sort in the past few years?

A lot of your pals have yet to jump on board,….why?

Convenience, you don’ t have an account on the same platform or SM that your pals are on?  The list goes on and on.   For those who are consistently connected you have many more options today 4.18.13 Face Book has joined the pack of VoIP, video calls providers; Skype, Google hangout, Tango, Facetime, & Fring just to name a few.  Just like so many other functions on my smart phone I sometimes find it difficult to choose one method and only one to use consistently.  With the consistent upgrades and new options who can blame the user for not selecting only one method.  Will FB be a leader in video calls for you?


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