Android Users Protect and Childproof Your SmartPhone / Tablet

childproof Parents / Educators need to prevent children from spending too much time on digital devices and of course from  performing actions that may cost money, or accidentally viewing content inappropriate for one’s age.  Enforce age appropriate content on all of your Android devices with quick and easy access.


Kids Place  Kids Place – Parental Control

Android download here

Protect your personal data from accidents your children may make on your smart phone or tablet.  Set time limits, prevent downloads, block calls & texting, and prevent purchases.

Kids Place   Kids Place

Kids Place

youtube-kids-app-iconYouTube Kids

Android download here

The official You TubeKids app is simple and free.  There are four categories: Shows, Music, Learning and Explore. Also navigation has been simplified with big buttons, easy scrolling and an instant full-screen.  Easier for you and your lil one!  Parental controls available located behind a grown-ups only lock where you can turn off search for a more restricted experience.  Also set a time restriction so you don’t have to.  Since this app is free there will be advertisements.


Funamo Parental Control Funamo Android Parental Control

 Android download here  

2 day free trial, you simply purchase a license for $19.99 per device you own.

Parental control on your device or child’s.  Funamo offers PC access to view history or adjust settings.    Put device in silence mode during school time.   Enforce safeSearch for Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube videos, and many more such as

Funamo Parental Control

Protecting your phone / tablet also includes putting a case and screen protector on it.  Many phones and tablets do have Gorilla glass technology……but this does not stop them from shattering.  Also having any type of case on your device is better than having a “naked” device!

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