How to Add Web Favorites to an Android Smart Phone

Tablet Do you visit a web page frequently?  Have you visited the app store to check if there is an app for the site?

Entering in a URL can get old real quick, I recommend to enter your web site address and save it as a Favorite / Bookmark.  If you have fallen short of creating a quick access to your favorite web site, I can help you to create a Web Favorite.

Open browser icon,    ,   chrome logo enter the web site address, once the page has populated select menu

andrdoid bookmarsk 001  andrdoid bookmarsk 002 andrdoid bookmarsk 005andrdoid bookmarsk 003 andrdoid bookmarsk 0014

The following pop up window will have the fields already filled in so you should not have to do to much unless the Label field is possibly shorter or more fitting for your viewing.

Now you may access your bookmark from the Web Browser menu.

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