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Google Play Where does your smart phone gain its personality……?  There are so many options in the Play store formerly known as the Market place.  Depending on your lifestyle will determine which apps you will download.  If this smart phone is for your work, then you will find many options to make it easier to keep records while out of the office, and a little fun as well.  Don’t forget to read the review of a particular app due to there being so many apps to choose from, and not all apps are created equal.

Play store Get all the Android apps and games you love on Google Play. With over 1.43 million apps and over 50 billion downloads, Google Play has something for everyone. Browse and install your favorite

Android apps from your device or the Web instantly google play logoThe play store will open into categories.  You may also access Google Play on the web

Google Play

                                              By selecting                      you may manually

enter any keywords of interest or by selecting

you may verbally enter your search query.

Again to touch back on the first screen shot you may select the headline categories.  Don’t forget to swipe back and forth to review the additional sub categories FEATURED , TOP PAID, TOP FREE, NEW ARRIVALS ETC…..

If you are browsing APPS I recommend taking a look at the reviews, even if it is a mainstream trusted provider there are frequent notes on what you can expect.

The purchase of an App. at this time is processed through Pay Pal, simply enter the required data.  Android devices are handy in many ways and one that I would like to mention is if you purchase an App.  Your membership is on record to prevent the need to re-purchase if needed.  Most of you purchased content will be in specialty such as your music, book, and potentially a sweet app or game.

To access the menu for additional options select 

Here I have selected the “My window will populate all apps that are installed by user and software version.  One may select to or update manually/automatic, a good idea to use WiFi upon updates to control monthly data consumption.

Once you have downloaded an App you will be able to locate the icon within the general area you locate all  apps.  From the home screen (if in sub menu select the Home icon  near the bottom of device.

near the bottom of device.  Here are various manufacture and software version icons design in which you will pull up all Applications on the device.


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