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Google Play Where does your smart phone gain its personality……?  There are so many options in the Play store formerly known as the Market place.  Depending on your lifestyle will determine which apps you will download.  If this smart phone is for your work, then you will find many options to make it easier to keep records while out of the office, and a little fun as well.  

 google play logo  You may also access Google Play on the web. Remember you will be prompted to log into your G mail account.

Play store Get all the Android apps and games you love on Google Play. With over 2.56 million apps and more than 19 categories. In addition Games has 17 categories. Google Play has something for everyone. Browse and install your favorite.

By selecting    you may manually enter any keywords of interest,or browse by category.

  • For you
  • Top charts
  • New
  • Events
  • Premium
  • Categories
  • Kids
  • Editors choice

The purchase of an App at this time is processed by a credit card or Google Play gift card. FREE apps may ask for a payment method to be entered, although you will see at the bottom a SKIP button. Any purchase is on record via the Google email account used on the device.

To manage apps select the “My apps & games”.

All apps pre installed by the phone manufacturer or wireless carrier are listed, in addition the apps installed by user may be managed here. The software version of each app will visible. If  an update is available you may manually/automatic download the latest version. If many apps need to be updated it is a good idea to be connected to WiFi. This will prevent large data use and prevent overages on the monthly data allowance you may have on your carrier plan.

Each app does draw away from the available device memory. Be sure to uninstall apps not currently needed.

Once you have downloaded an App you will be able to locate the icon in the app tray. 

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