How to use Voice search Google Maps on Android Smart Phone / Tablet

google voice search How does your smart phone really make things easier……. Voice search is super handy, and on an Android you have voice command for more than composing a text message or calling MOM.  The shortcuts are key.  Below you will find how to access Google Maps for the quick data you desire.  The additional features built into the Google Map menu provides traffic conditions for anywhere you are researching.  In addition to a history of past searches.

*Voice search Google Maps Turn by turn direction with access to traffic conditions, drive time, local business and ATM’s

Be sure the GPS aka Location setting is enabled.

From your mobile device locate the Google Map icon google map

Once you have identified on the map your location from your device select the menu icon.  some manufactures, menu icon may vary. Android Menu button

This will populate a set of additional options, we are wanting to begin the search  ( used  for general location such as city, and cross roads, etc…)

The Directions icon will allow you to manually enter the destination or simply locate the      within the keyboard section.

If you want to continue with a simple visual turn by turn select “Get Directions” this will populate

Remember by selecting the menu button on your device Google’s additional options will appear.

 Google map image

The icon “Layer” will also provide the additional features such as Traffic, Satellite, and many many more!

For newer software versions Android users will see a different layout of Google Maps.  to access the Menu

Google Map

Android devices running on Kit Kat OS

Google map   If you are looking to access the Layers menu select the icon circled in yellow (bottom left corner).  The menu screen may be removed by selecting the  back arrow or a swipe gesture to the left / right.

Android Google Map menu

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