How to use Google Navigation for Android SmartPhone / Tablet

Andoird voice search Google gives us many helpful features for free, and Navigation is one of them on an Android device.  Google provides many of the same features available from Google Maps, such as traffic, and takes it up a notch with access to re route, avoid tolls, and avoid highways!  When out of town you may locate Parking, Banks and so much more.  Take the smarts of your wireless device on the go for all occasions,  avoid the stress of the co-driver and being late. The ability to hear every turn by turn is where its at!

Voice search  Navigation

Voices turn-by-turn direction with all the features of Google Map.  Access addresses from your contact list and much more.

         Be sure the GPS aka Location setting is enabled.

From your mobile device locate the  or   will access the application, by accessing the Navigation through the Nav shortcut icon you will find.

Keep in mind the icons such as the one indicated will populate additional features.












By selecting the menu icon on your device  or  Android Menu button i  the tool bar at the bottom of the screen allows you to access several great features of Google Nav; alternate routes, and avoid tolls.

The most important in conserving battery life, by selecting “Exit Navigation”

Remember to also disable the GPS aka Location icon to truly conserve your battery.


Android devices running KitKat OS

Android Google Map KitKatOS  android google map i  By selecting Rout Options Google Maps Route Optionsyou now will have access to avoid Toll and Highways.

By selecting the menu icon  Android Menu button  Android Google Nav menu

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