How To Child-Proof Your iPhone/iPad

Apple’s new ios7 provides many parental control features such as disabling many features like volume, website access and much more.  Below I display how to access these options along with age appropriate content settings.

Open the Settings app  ^  General ^ Restrictions

Enter new pass code

ios_7_block_websites ios_7_block_websites_

If your youngster needs age appropriate content simple select desired ‘Restriction’ to set appropriate age group.

ios7 restriction apps

Putting a protective case is also a fantastic way to protect against moisture and every bumps.  Also screen protectors are a good idea….Yes Apple devices have Gorilla glass technology but this will not stop them from shattering.  Browse apple screen protectors here

LifeProof 4/4s

LifeProof iPhone 4/4s prices will vary

iPhone lifeproof case 5s

LifeProof case 5s prices will vary

lifeproof ipad

LifeProof iPad prices may vary upon models

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