Block Calls / Notifications and Text Messages while Driving

Sprint Drive First

Sprint Drive First

Stay in control of a moving vehicle that is moving more than 10mph.  Will allow for emergency calls while in locked mode.  Also has additional settings to allow access while on public transit.  $2 each smartphone monthly.

Android download here

Sprint Drive First

AT&T Drive Mobile

AT&T Drive Mode

When a vehicle is moving greater than 10mph this app will automatically prevent the driver from distractions such as texts, calls, email, and app notifications.  FREE

Android download here

AT&T Drive Mode

Black Berry download here

AT&T Drive Mode Black Berry   AT&T Drive Mode Black Berry  AT&T Drive Mode Black Berry

Otter LLC

Otter Black Berry

Manage texts anywhere for anything such as work, school and most importantly driving.

Android download here FREE 

Otter Android app image 5 Otter Android app   Otter Android app

Black Berry download here FREE & FULL VERSION $4.99  (Full version features; texting auto reply with timer options, parental control (GPS based, password protected)

Otter Black Berry  Otter Black Berry



Listen to email, messages all without touching the smart phone.   Also includes text message auto-reponder.

Android download here  FREE

Apple / Android / Windows & Black Berry download here

Single User $13.99 annually  or $3.99 monthly

Family Pack $34.95 annually or $9.99 monthly (includes 4 users)

Business solution $79.90 annually or $7.99 monthly  (SSL encryption, multi-user available).

Not While Driving

Not While Driving Black Berry While in motion this app will be in sleep mode and atomically send responses that you are not available.  Additional features allow you to over ride if you are a passenger.

Black Berry download here  FREE

Not While Driving Black Berry Not While Driving Black Berry image 3

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