Clear Browser History / Tab History

How often do you sit and tap your fingers while your smartphone loads a web page?  

Even the fastest of devices could use a clearing of its history, cookies and cache.   If you compare your device to your home or work computer, you will find that they are very similar in these terms of Internet maintenance.  With a couple of quick key strokes, any device will perform noticeably faster.

Many devices have a pre installed application to close down or clear cache, history etc.  If you don’t use it then select ONLY one from the suggested apps below.   Just as you wouldn’t have more than one program on a PC to complete maintenance.  They similar apps will basically fight the other one.


First locate and open the browser icon, Google chrome chrome logo 

In the top right corner select the menu icon 

Simply select  CLEAR BROWSER HISTORY.  Allow your device a few moments to process the commands, then you are all set!

clean master logoClean Master for Android devices will assist you with many battery, storage management.  The App manager will uninstall unwanted junk files, such as cache and residual files to reclaim storage, boost speed and improve the performance of your device.

Android download here   

CCleaner image 001 CC Cleaner Remove junk and free up space. Clean application cache, download folders, browser history and clipboard content.


Lookout image 1.1jpeg Lookout Checks your device for root detentions to make sure the operating system on your device is working properly.

To protect your device from malware and additional threats install Lookout on any Android.

Android download here   

iOS / Apple

All web browsers keep a log of web pages that you have visited you will want to clear various histories from the settings.  To trouble shoot apps that do not open properly or in the event that your browser load time appears to be getting a bit longer.

ios7 safari clear-your-cache
ios7 safari

***Note-  To save time browsing in the future add the site address under the favorite / bookmark option.**

Some sites will always want your log in username & password after a clearing of histories.

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