How to Sync / Backup Your Phone Book for iPhone / Droid and All Smartphone’s

How do you store all of your contacts?  If you are the typical phone user all of your phone contacts are simply entered into your smart phone.  Now this is where it gets tricky where on your phone are all of those numbers going?  Most smart phone users have a cloud based app backing up this data, sometimes there are multiple applications doing this for you.  To sync contacts on an application is a feature that may be enabled or disabled from an account level.  For example Android users must have a Google email account on the smart phone, and this “app” is most likely syncing your contacts for you.  Many wireless carriers have their own app to backup your contacts in the event you have to replace a device (what if your next phone is not a smart phone thus it is not  compatible  with Google email, you will need another app to restore your contacts).   There are several apps to backup your contacts,  here I mentioned a carrier supported method and an OS method.

Verizon Backup Assistant Learn More

Sprint Mobile Sync Learn More

Most smart phone users Android, and Apple have the native OS benefits of cloud based storage Apple users have access to back up to the iCloud via WiFi or direct with a data cord and newer software versions directly from the device.  Android users utilize Google’s vast assortment of applications to backup data and contacts.

Creating a comprehensive backup of your smartphone / tablet is quite a task, knowing how you use your device is a great place to start.  I recommend sitting or at least consulting with an experienced wireless consultant.  If you have already purchased a new device and are looking to begin the sync / backup process please check out additional postings on my blog, or send me a direct message I am always happy to assist a smart phone / tablet user.

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