Low Memory and Text Messages for all Cell Phones

The Smart Phone Teacher LLC

The Smart Phone Teacher LLC

No matter what type of cellular phone you are using text / picture messages are stored on the phone, thus taking up valuable memory.  Most phones now display messages in a format known as threaded ( an on going conversation from a single contact) message, which usually results in an unhealthy amount of messages on a cell phone.  When a phone reaches a level of low memory an error message will pop up, urging the user to erase something.  First things first, skim all of those important messages for phone numbers and add them into the phone book, save any pictures into the gallery and or forward any important messages to a reliable source (if you are in need of backing up text messages check the App store for your phone.  If you are using a “Basic” device you will need to forward the “old school” way and send them to an email or such.

For additional assistance please feel free to post any comments, I am happy to assist.

Don’t let your phone be smarter than you.


Many Android, Window 8  phones and tablets are compatible to use micro memory cards.  External memory cards may hold pictures, videos, files and so much more.  You may purchase micro cards here  San disk micro card

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