The Best Types of Cloud Storage for FREE and……..Paid

Archive your memories, projects, and files in the Cloud for easy access and efficiency.

In computer networking, cloud computing involves mobile devices, and/or a computer connecting through a network such as the internet.   There are many FREE cloud providers. As you can see below there are many links provided.

Cloud Storage  is changing rapidly. Many of the key providers are now  past capacity, and into the capabilities of their service(s).   Current trends in cloud storage provide real time sync-ability through devices / apps, and almost always all Operating Systems (OS).

Sharing and editing is crucial for everyone  especially for scholars, and professionals.   To have access without editing and /or collaboration is what frustrates many.  My biggest frustration is OS’s holding share ability in limbo.  So, yes I do have multiple Cloud Storage providers on my devices.  For example, I use Microsoft Office 365 / OneDrive, Google Drive, and yes Evernote.   It depends on what I am sharing, keeping private, or simply hording..I do what I want.

What does this really mean?  Having access to “send”  / “share” a file with any application you have already installed on your device.  For example an Android device will most likely (depending on software version)  allow you to send /share a file stored in a cloud based app (Evernote, DropBox etc…) from inside the  text message menu, and maybe an email menu.  What if the app is not visible….. simply save the file onto the device/removable memory to access.

Several apps and/or OS’s are  now taking  steps to communicate efficiently across multiple devices enough for me to choose one and only one cloud based provider for personal and professional  storage of files.   The industry is still accommodating to the general public on ease of use, and functionality.   At this time they all provide ample storage for any one person so it is an awesome time for users to try them all and identify which cloud based storage is best suited for your personal and professional use.  Below I have provided links to download.


Apple icloud click here

Microsoft / OneDrive / Office 365  click here

Dropbox click here

Evernote click here 

Mega click here

Amazon / Glacier link currently under construction 

Google link currently under construction 


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