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Music On Bluetooth Speakers At the Work Place or Anywhere

18 Feb

Monster iSport ear buds Music and portable devices naturally go together.  Most travel a ton for work, or simple listen to music when working out.   While in the car/work space or gym  I never want to listen to the radio I want to listen to my jams.  By simply installing an app from the app store and setting up a few personal settings / stations you too can guarantee…read more  

The Best Paint Design App for All Color Lovers

9 Feb

Looking to match a color, or add a stylish pop of color to an existing room?  There are several apps that will assist painters, interior decorators, homeowners,  painting contractors, architects & designers, builders & developers, dealers & property more

Apps to Use on a Job Site

11 Jan

Never be stuck in a dark situation again.   Anyone working out in the field can use a flashlight, especially one that does not need batteries.  Utilizing a tool you already own, your cell phone!….read more


9 Jan

To stay competitive in a tight market, today’s construction companies tools that allow access to information on onsite, obtain and maintain new work orders and under budget.  This brochure presents examples of products and solutions designed specifically to address challenges faced by the construction industry, and which help you to improvemobile resource management, monitor and manage field assets and set up mobile job sites quickly and efficiently.  All on a reliable wireless network, and guidance from The Smart Phone Teacher…read more

  • Enable yourself to close business deals on the spot with remote access to resources, thus maximizing your selling opportunities.
  • Give employees a wireless device to let them access data and business applications, and receive updates via email.
  • Establish quick communications for immediate results.  Eliminating mis- communication, and mis-calculations.
  • Enhanced service through smartphones and tablets give employees access to  data through the Internet, and applications specific to your industry.
  • Optimize itineraries based on the data collected through job status updates, or delays, travel time and product availability.

For additional information…click here

Have you considered what is possible from a tablet?

17 Jul

Owning a smart phone is very helpful for business, school, and looking up tid-bits throughout the day.    Many are now going into look at tablets, what is the difference?  Size of course, and something that many don’t think about is app functionality.  Not all apps are created equal.  WHY? It all breaks down to the software;  Droid, Apple, Windows and Black Berry.  The software version will allow various devices to utilize additional features, like a shortcut, view and etc…    When an app is available for an update you may want to review what the update will provide/correct.

Today, July 17, 2012 Evernote launched an update for tablet interface improvements, available through Google Play , and  App Store.

The latest version of Evernote is required in order to use the Evernote Widget app**
The Evernote Widget lets you go directly to core Evernote features right from your home screen.

Two widget options:

– Small widget: Create new text, snapshot and audio notes, and jump to the search screen.
– Large widget: Same as the small widget, plus snippets of recently viewed notes.



To sign up for more information on any of the products/services please …contact me.   I look forward to assisting you.

Whats in your toolbox? Apps for any Electrician, Plumber and Construction

17 Jul

A Smartphone has a app for almost anything, including apps for those out in the field everyday.  Plumbers, electricians and yes construction skill trades have…read more

Recommended apps for Professionals

9 Jun

While on the road throughout my work day I often find the need to capture a document, personal notes taken while in meetings, or even an article found in a newspaper/magazine.  How to keep all of the information organized?  Simple use…read more

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