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Drive Safely

15 Jun

Do Not Text A phone can be quite a distraction while in the car, especially if the phone has a ton of accounts set up.  I am referring to text messages, email accounts and yes social media.  A quick and simple step would be to turn all sounds to silent while in the car.  If this is not a method for you remember there is always an app for that.  To truly embrace driver safety  simply download an app for your OS …….read more

How to send a SMS / Text from the computer

7 May

text Have the need to send a “text / SMS’ message to any phone?  There is no need for a text plan or even a mobile phone, all one needs is access to a email account, and the contact you want to send a message to.

Enter the cell phone number





AT & T  (to txt)   OR (Picture or video message)


VERIZON (photos and video)




Android Users Protect and Childproof Your SmartPhone / Tablet

15 Apr

Parental controls Parents / Educators need to prevent children from spending too much time on digital devices and of course from  performing actions that may cost money, or accidentally viewing content inappropriate for one’s age….read more

Verizon Announces IMessaging for Android iOS and Web

24 Mar

A new feature was announced by Verizon on 3.21.2013, cross-platform text messaging app for Android and iOS devices.  The service update  allows users to send a text message to a PC, Android smart phone, and Android or iOS tablet.   Users will never miss a message again,  the update also provides the message to be stored on the Verizon cloud for up to 90 days or stored indefinitely on an SD card. …read more

Verizon Messages

Android download here

Apple (available in iTunes)

PC can access from within your My Verizon account.

Low Memory and Text Messages for all Cell Phones

17 Feb
The Smart Phone Teacher LLC

The Smart Phone Teacher LLC

No matter what type of cellular phone you are using text / picture messages are stored on the phone, thus taking up valuable memory.  Most phones now display messages in a format known as threaded ( an on going conversation from a single contact) message, which usually results in an unhealthy amount of messages on a cell phone.  When a phone reaches a level of low…read more

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