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Verizon Wireless’s Best deal June 30, 2020. Get a FREE phone. NO trade in required!

30 Jun

Check out the latest devices all FREE now with Verizon Wireless.

Upcoming Live Webinar; Employ Your Smartphone as a Productivity Booster

26 May
  • Digital Note-Taking Tips and Techniques When August 22, 2019
  • Smartphone tips for Administrative Professionals to Increase Efficiency When November, 2019

Interested in scheduling a webinar please contact me with the provided form below. I look forward to hearing from you and connecting on your interests, to take a hold of the Smart technologies in the palm of your hand.

Wow Way Email Settings

25 May

To setup your email will take a few extra moments to include all necessary email settings.

  • Incoming settings:
  • Incoming Port: POP port 110
  • IMAP port 143
    • note DO NOT select SSL option
  • Logon user name is one’s email address:
  • Outgoing settings: 
  • Outgoing Port: (both Pop and IMAP Port 25)
    • note DO NOT select SSL

Docs To go – FREE Office Suite Updates

26 Mar

Docs To Go now includes editing for free!  Android devices (Smartphones and Tablets) may now edit Microsoft Office files and view Adobe PDF files.  In addition to these recent changes additional Cloud services are supported- DropBox, SkyDrive/OneDrive and Google Drive.

Android download / Update here

What To do With DropBox

22 Apr

Dropbox DropBox provides a reliable sync function across many devices and OS’, including Vista, Mac, OSx and Linux. Along with the ability to share, and edit. When files / folders are shared they are always visually the same.  DropBox cloud storage provides 2Gb of FREE storage, and packages for a heavier user, including but not limited to business / Pro users. Pro accounts are allotted by monthly and annual plans.

Android download here

Apple additional info here download via iTunes

Additional info click here

Yahoo POP3 / SMPT settings

19 Nov

It only takes a few additional bits of information to sync your Yahoo Mail / Plus email account.  If your device indicates an error  and or access to  advanced settings all you need is  to enter the incoming and outgoing settings. click here for settings

Comcast email settings

13 Nov

How to set up Comcast email

To set up your email into a smart phone or tablet many times you will find that simply entering your user name and PW is not enough.  Many times read more

The Smart Phone Teacher Spring Newsletter 2013

19 May

SPt Spring 2013 Newsletter

Check out

The Best Outdoor Tips and Tricks for SmartPhones / Tablets

19 May

Outdoor user image 1It’s time to get active and with that you have to know what to always have on hand.   A tablet or smart phone is likely to be in a family or pal’s hands, take advantage of this powerful gadget and have some fun in the great outdoors.  Try out a new app this spring season and stay powered up with The Smart Phone Teacher’s latest outdoor recommendations.

Trimble Outdoors NavigatorTrimble Outdoors Outdoor activities such as navigating trails,taking trophy photos, or camping.  Trimble Outdoors provides many features for all outdoor activities GPS, offline topo maps and aerial photos.

Android download here

Apple download here

Trimble GPS Hunt Pro   Trimble GPS hunt Pro– TAKE VIDEO: Record videos from your device that are automatically geo-tagged to your location. Disable beeps and noises in the app. Offline maps avail.View five different map types: streets, hybrid, aerial, topo and terrain

Android download here


Trimble Outdoors

Black Berry Operating System 4.5.0 or higher download here

MSR Viewer Windows 8  MSR viewer Windows 8 download here

Kiwi-U-Powered Solar KWS  Kiwi-U-Powered Solar KWS

Kiwi-U-Powered Solar/USB Portable Charger 
Model:KWS2 SKU: 1305195842  HOT DEAL $41.00

 Brunton Portable Solar Charger

 Burton Portable Solar Panel Charger for Personal Electronic Devices 
Item # 9SIA0Z208C1690  HOT DEAL $96.00

Philips - Shoqbox SB7200 Philips - Shoqbox SB7200  Philips 
Philips - Shoqbox SB7200               Philips SB 720 
 Philips - SB 7200 Model : 7200/37 SKU: 6767293  HOT DEAL $179.99

San Disk 64GB Last Chance $48.99

22 Apr



SanDisk 64GB Cruzer Glide USB Flash Drive

Regular price: $139.99


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