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While on the road throughout my work day I often find the need to capture a document, personal notes taken while in meetings, or even an article found in a newspaper/magazine.  How to keep all of the information organized?  Simple use your smart phone to manage all aspects of life including the random tid-bits of information, by using the camera on your device, with Cam Scanner.

In addition to all of those loose pieces of paper, there are often many receipts and expenses to keep track of while out of the office, Expensify will record expenses while on the go, with mileage, eReceipts, and many additional features for reporting via your PC.

Recommended Apps

CamScan logo image 1.1 jpgCam Scanner PDF creator.  Scan newspapers, random notes to keep to file or share it

Android download here

Apple download here 

Windows download here


ExpensifyConsistently rated as the #1 app for business travelers and road warriors, Expensify does expense reports that sync with you credit cards and bank accounts to track purchases as they happen.   It even allows you to pull in eReceipts, digital copies and paper receipts.  In addition you may record mileage expenses.  Add in any remaining adjustments from your PC to pick up and choose which expenses should be added to and expense report.  Print / Save a PDF file.

expensify image 4Android download here

Apple download here

Windows download here

They are everywhere now QR codes, either found in an article or on a window of a retailer.  QR codes make it easy for anyone with a smart phone to capture information, such as a menu, v card, coupon or a website.

QR Reader – (Android device) Use your camera to scan a QR code in a magazine and watch a video immediately, let your friend scan QR codes to transfer contact information.  Tabs to “Scan” , “History”, “Create QR codes” and “More” are present in all main screens of the app.

There are many code readers available, but they are not all created equally.  The next time you see a QR code on a piece of marketing material, newspaper, or simply on a building download or locate the app. from Google Play.   Now you can capture the information embedded in it.   Go ahead  check out the step by step tutorial to create, share and archive your personal QR code all from your Smart Phone!

QR Droid Android download here


                   (hold your press for a bit longer to pull up the menu bar)

Once the new window bar opens there are several key features, copy, share, delete, and to view the QR simply select the QR CODE icon.  There are even more features found such as edit, size, logo, and etc…..

The absolute best feature found in the QR Droid app is the ability to create a personal code!  This is a much simpler method compared to browsing the web for a QR code generator.

Once you have selected the format, simply enter the information you would like to embed into the code.  A vCard, image, announcement, anything you want may be entered.  Below is an example of the WEB ADDRESS selection,  notice the SHARE icon, this is how to send via email, Social Media, etc…

The final option MORE allows you to access URL options, Decode access, and settings.


QR Reader – (iPhone device) Use your camera to scan a QR code in a magazine and watch a video immediately, let your friend scan QR codes to transfer contact information.  Tabs to “Scan”, “History”, “Create QR codes” and “More” are present in all main screens of the app.

QR reader Apple Apple download here


QR Reader – (Windows 8) 

Auto-detect scanning.  share using email, FaceBook or twitter.  Create your own QR code. Integrated web browser & map view.





QR reader windows  Windows download here

QR Windows 8   QR Windows 8

QR READER – (Black Berry)

Scan QR codes, or create your own then save to a SD card or simply share via email, Face Book, MMs.



QR BB Black Berry here




Google translate logoAs of late Google has updated their Google Translate app features to include 27 languages.  Also in the update faster speeds when in those 3G or slower speed locations.  The app will translate your voice, camera, keyboard or even handwriting.  Translate offline . NO INTERNET REQUIRED, once app is installed onto device.

With Google’s latest software Word Lens just point your camera to a sign or any text and translate to one of 27 languages.

Google translate  image 001                  Google translate  image 002

Android download   here (Google Play store)

Apple devices here  (App store)




Bing Translator logo   Bing Translator App for Windows mobile devices can quickly translate by using the camera or type in the text to translate with 40 languages currently available (7.30.2015)  Hear translations spoken with a native accent.  Also available OFFLINE access for when there is NO INTERNET to connect to, simply downloaded the offline language packs.

Bing Translator image 001

Bing Translate Screen shot- Windows Mobile Device

Windows here  (App Store on mobile device)




TextGrabber logoTextGrabber+   .99¢ – $1.99 to buy.  Easily and quickly translate by taking a picture / scan , text to speech capabilities.   Instant translation form 70 languages.  All info is backed up in the “History” folder.   TextGrabber+ may be shared via SMS / text, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter or Evernote.

TextGrabber image 001           TextGrabber image 002                   TextGrabber image 003

Android  download here  (Google Play Store)

Apple devices here (App store)

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