Construction and skill trade Apps.

A Smartphone has a app for almost anything, including apps for those out in the field everyday.  Plumbers, electricians and yes construction skill trades have solutions at no additional cost

Color Flashlight  App Color Flashlight Never be stuck in a dark situation again.   Anyone working out in the field can use a flashlight, especially one that does not need batteries.  Utilizing a tool you already own, your cell phone!   Color Flashlight allows you to select the perfect light for the job at hand, in addition you can adjust the level of brightness, color  and effects by using the device menu button.    

Here are some of the effects currently provided; 

-Emergency light effects: Strobe, Police, Emergency

-Fun flashlight effects: Candle, Disco, Rainbow, Blink, Spiral.   Android download here

Color Flashlight App Color Flashlight App   Color Flashlight App  Color Flashlight App Color Flashlight App

Brightest Flashlight App Brightest Flashlight-  Looking for something a bit simpler?  Brightest Flashlight has is the App. Automatic timer exits application after 2 minutes best flashlight app for dark conditions, natural LED color provides great contrast.   Android download here

Flashlight Linterna  Flashlight Linterna- Combo color effects, LED and emergency lights.  Black Berry download here

Brightest Flashlight App   Brightest Flashlight App


Flashlight ∞ Enjoy 30+ light effects.   Apple download here

Flashlight  Flashlight – Use when phone is locked.  S.O.S. mode for emergency.  Windows download here

Bubble Level–  A Spirit level.  Hold any of the phone’s four sides against an object to test it for level or plumb, or lay it down on a flat surface for a 360°  level.

 Android download here        Windows  download here

iHandy level app apple image 1iHandy Level Free Apple here

Pipe Calculator Organizer CALCULATOR PIPEStandard calculator with trig functions.  Android download here

Pipe Calculator Organizer

Handy man calculator Handy Man Calculator–  Complete construction calculator with simple inputs.  Customize and create a list of favorite calculators.  Shake phone to clear calculator.  Android download here

Handy man calculator  Handy man calculator   Handy man calculator

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