The Best Paint Design App for All Color Lovers

Looking to match a color, or add a stylish pop of color to an existing room?  There are several apps that will assist painters, interior decorators, homeowners,  painting contractors, architects & designers, builders & developers, dealers & property managers.

An app that lets you take a photo of your room and then try paint colors on them to see what you like best.  Check out “ColorSmart by BEHR™ Mobile”

ColorSmart by Behr image 1  I took a quick moment to use the Photo Match feature to compare the color in various lighting.

ColorSmart by Behr  ColorSmart by Behr   I simply touched the point on the “wall” and ColorSmart by Behr generated a few color pallets for me to review.

ColorSmart by Behr    ColorSmart by Behr  As you can see I was drawn to the first color pallet with mainly greens.  I am able to save the options provided to me into the Favorites feature of Behr’s app.

Android Download here 

Apple Download here


Color Snap Sherwin Williams app image 001 Sherwin-Williams Color Snap Capture real world colors and match them.



Android Download here

Apple Download here


PPG The Voice of Color



PPG The Voice of Color   Easily browse over 1,800 paint colors photograph match any paint color, create and save color projects.

PPG The Voice of Color   PPG The Voice of Color

Android download here

Apple download here


MY COLOR GUIDE  My Color Guide Provides thousands of colors (Includes Sherwin-Williams).  Share the colors and their hex code with clients and employees.  Use the camera on your mobile device and save the custom color palettes.  Ideal for graphic designers, painters, artist, illustrators, and color lovers.


Android Download here


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Don’t let your phone be smarter than You.

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