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AT&T launches 4G in Sacramento, California

17 Sep

AT&T today September 17 2012 announced that its LTE 4G network is now up and running in Sacramento, Calif. AT&T’s LTE network reaches more than 60 markets today and will reach 100 markets by the end of the year..read more  at AT&T

FCC Initiation to Rate Broadband Speeds

6 Sep

FCC to partake in a united meeting September 21 2012 with the industry, the public research community, and other stakeholders. Their main interests include launching a broadband speed test app and, most significantly, undertaking a comprehensive effort to provide the first detailed and accurate measurements of fixed broadband service performance in the United States. The performance data, allows for testing of mobile broadband comparisons and analyses that are valuable to consumers and yes the competition among service providers.

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