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How to send a SMS / Text from the computer

7 May

text Have the need to send a “text / SMS’ message to any phone?  There is no need for a text plan or even a mobile phone, all one needs is access to a email account, and the contact you want to send a message to.

Enter the cell phone number

NEXTEL   #@Messaging.nextel.com

SPRINT  #@Messaging.sprintpcs.com

METRO PCS  #@Mymetropcs.com

T-MOBILE   #@tmomail.net

AT & T      #@txt.att.net  (to txt)   OR   #@mms.att.net (Picture or video message)

ALLTEL  #@message.Alltel.com(SMS & MMS) OR    #@text.wireless.Alltel.com (SMS) OR    #@mms.Alltel.net

VERIZON #@vzwpix.com (photos and video)

BOOST  #@myboostmobile.com

VIRGIN MOBILE  #@vmobl.com

US CELLULAR   #@email.uscc.net

Windows 8

10 Jul

Backup and Restore

Windows 8 new platform from Microsoft;   File history will  only back up modified files found in the Libraries,  Desktop, Contacts, and Favorites not Apps or the OS.   Most people are more concerned with loss of personal files, and not an App that they may use a handful of times.  An  independent business  owner or a student  can see the value in this new feature.

Windows 8 is to be available commercially in October.

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