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Voice To Text-Dragon Mobile Assistant Gets Update for Android 2.3+

21 Dec

Dragon Mobile App-  Dragon Mobile Assistant has been updated to support Android 2.3 and higher, this update opens up a lot more devices.  Wake up Dragon with by saying “Hi Dragon,” and the assistant will offer you more spoken guidance to help you out when you can’t look at the screen. Dragon will also read your incoming messages aloud, open applications “Open calculator”, access apps such as IMDb, Yelp!, OpenTable and others.

To try the app for free simply click on the link

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Get Smart phones and Get Smart Savings

9 Dec
Don't let your phone be smarter than You.

Don’t let your phone be smarter than You.


Get Smart Phones and Get Smarter Savings.

Sales  are available right now for the same or lower prices than big box stores.  Visit my exclusive listings of all smart phone’s and tablet items you can order now at SPt.

Amazon Kindle Fire Defender Serice Otter Box

OtterBox Quality Cases for Android _iPad

Got an Android or some other amazing tablet? OtterBox has cases to help protect your investment.

iPad4_iPad_iPad2 Defender Series Otter Box

iPad4_iPad_iPad2 Defender Series Otter Box

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The Smart Phone Teacher
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iOS-Sync iPhone with iCloud

18 Oct

To get the most out of your SmartPhone: iPhone / iPad  sync up with the iCloud.  Getting synced up on your smart phone is easy with the iCloud features.  Use a Apple ID..read more



How to Add a Web Favorite / Bookmark to an Android SmartPhone

26 Sep

Entering in a URL can get old real quick, and not every web site has an app yet.  There are many ways to create shortcuts for your smart phone. If you have fallen short of creating a quick access to your favorite web site, read more

Apple OS users now have access to many more videos with the YouTube app. Checkit out….MobileBurn: YouTube app for iPhone now available in the App Store

12 Sep


Quick request for cab service, TAXI MAGIC offers 42 cities w/ an immediate request, and arrival status. In other parts of the nation all you have to do is make 1 quick press to call a cab. Check out “Taxi Magic” on all deviced WINDOWS, ANDROID,iOS, & BLACKBERRY.

24 Aug


Whats in your toolbox? Apps for any Electrician, Plumber and Construction

17 Jul

A Smartphone has a app for almost anything, including apps for those out in the field everyday.  Plumbers, electricians and yes construction skill trades have…read more

Email Settings Central Michigan University (CMU)

7 Jul

Each smartphone and email provider may ask for various settings.  One could contact Central Michigan University technical  support team and potentially…read more

Using a New Smartphone for a Students Lesson Plan try Wikipedia

2 Jul

Have a new smartphone, why not use it for all types of  information? Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia containing more than 20 million articles in 280 languages, and is the most comprehensive and widely used reference work humans have ever compiled.  Research is now one press away, simply..read more

Online banking from your Smart phone

25 Jun

Our daily routine is ever so busy, who has the time to run to the bank?  No need with a smartphone, …..read more

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