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Windows 8

10 Jul

Backup and Restore

Windows 8 new platform from Microsoft;   File history will  only back up modified files found in the Libraries,  Desktop, Contacts, and Favorites not Apps or the OS.   Most people are more concerned with loss of personal files, and not an App that they may use a handful of times.  An  independent business  owner or a student  can see the value in this new feature.

Windows 8 is to be available commercially in October.

Email Settings – AT&T, SBC, AMERITECH for all Smartphones

10 Jul

Each device will ask for a variation of  email provider settings.  One could contact your email provider’s support team and potentially wait for the response.  Who wants to wait?  No matter how long you have had service through an AT&T affiliate…read more

Email Settings Central Michigan University (CMU)

7 Jul

Each smartphone and email provider may ask for various settings.  One could contact Central Michigan University technical  support team and potentially…read more

Email Settings Eastern Michigan University (EMU)

7 Jul

Each smartphone and email provider may ask for various settings.  One could contact your university technical  support team and potentially wait for the response.  Who wants to wait? No matter…read more

Using a New Smartphone for a Students Lesson Plan try Wikipedia

2 Jul

Have a new smartphone, why not use it for all types of  information? Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia containing more than 20 million articles in 280 languages, and is the most comprehensive and widely used reference work humans have ever compiled.  Research is now one press away, simply..read more

Wireless Emergency Alerts coming your way (WEA)

2 Jul


Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) IMPLMENDED 6.29.12

An automated system will send text message warnings to cell phone users based on a number of potential hazards, including tornadoes, flash floods, hurricanes, tsunamis, dust storms, extreme winds, blizzards, and ice storms. The messages are delivered based on location, so even those who are traveling will receive alerts for where they are, not where they live, if there’s danger. Carriers participating in the program include AT&T, Cellcom, Cricket, Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular, and Verizon Wireless. The alerts are not sent via the traditional SMS pipes, and are instead delivered through a system that is not affected by network congestion. The WAE can also deliver both AMBER Alerts and Presidential Alerts. Wireless subscribers can opt out of AMBER and Weather Alerts but not Presidential Alerts.

Internet slow….? Clear up the Browser History

27 Jun

How often do you sit and tap your fingers while your smartphone loads a web page?  Even the fastest of devices could use a clearing of its history, cookies and cache.   If you compare your device to…read more

Online banking from your Smart phone

25 Jun

Our daily routine is ever so busy, who has the time to run to the bank?  No need with a smartphone, …..read more

Voice search Navigation

6 Jun

Google gives us many helpful features for free, and Navigation is one of them on an Android device.  Google provides many of the same features available from Google Maps, such as traffic, and takes it up a notch with access to re route, ……read more

Play Store

6 Jun

Where does your smart phone gain its personality……?  There are so many options in the Play store formerly known as the Market place.  Depending on your lifestyle will determine which apps you will download.  If this smart phone is for your work, then you will find many options to make it easier to keep records while out of the office, and a little fun as well.  Don’t forget to….read more

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